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Why SYL song Banned in India

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Punjabi popular singer Sidhu Moosewala’s song Syl Banned by Indian Government. It removed from YouTube India. It’s removed only from YouTube India all over the world it is still no. 1 ni YouTube music.

After Sidhu Moosewala’s death first song released on 23rd June, which is trending no. 1 on YouTube from last 2 days, recently banned by Indian Government without any reason. Everybody looking for answers why Sidhu Moosewala’s song SYL banned in india.

Top News Today भारत में ओमाइक्रोन मामले लक्ष्य सेन बैडमिंटन प्लेयर की आयु , माँ , गर्लफ्रेंड प्लास्टिक सर्जरी के दौरान गई इस अभिनेत्री की जान